At 10:23 PM 3/1/01 +0200, Stefan Zwahlen wrote:
>  Hi to all
>I have been using 99SE for about a year and wonder if anybody
>can help me with some solutions to a few problems that
>I experiance with it. (service pack 5 installed)
>1.Its difficult to see the ratsnest. Changing the connection color
>  does not chnge the ratsnest color. Is there a way to do this, since
>  the ratsnest cour seems to be a hardly visable green

The rat's nest color is individually controlled. In the panel, browse nets; 
pick a net and edit it. You can change the color for that one net, or you 
can use a global edit to change it for all nets. I'm not sure what the 
"connection" color setting in the layer color dialog does. Perhaps someone 
else will explain, or perhaps it is like our appendix. It was good for 
something at one time, but life moves on.

>2. When routing manually, once starting to lay a track, the pads
>    that are in the same net are outlined. Its not easy to see this.
>    Is there a way to make this more visible? ie highlight the whole pad.

You can highlite pads by net using global edits, and you can also select 
all objects in a net using the select button on the Net Browse panel. (The 
panel is on the left when you have the PCB editor open, default position, 
and if the Browse PCB tab has been selected.)

>3 When one clicks on a component or symbol it allways moves WITHOUT dragging
>  connected wires. Is there a way to drag by default  without having
>  to go via menues or shortcuts?

Sure. To enter drag mode, press M D (Move Drag). Neither mode is default, 

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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