At 03:11 PM 3/1/01 -0700, Colby - PowerStream wrote:
> > Move Drag (MD) and Move Component (MC) will only drag connected tracks if
> > the Component Drag mode is set to "Connected Tracks" rather than
> > "None".  Use Tools-Preferences to set the component drag option (bottom
> > right of dialog).
> >
> > Ian
>Also if this is turned on(Connected Tracks) and you use Move-->Component you
>will no longer be able to rotate the component while you hold it.  Just in
>case you begin to wonder why your components wont rotate ;)
>They will still rotate with a Click and Hold... but the tracks wont drag
>with it.

My answer before on this topic, primarily because I can't think of a time 
when I have wanted to rotate a component and keep the tracks connected; I'd 
only want to drag tracks, normally, if I were moving the part such that the 
tracks merely became longer or shorter. If I want to rotate a part with 
connected tracks, I'd simply delete the tracks before or after rotating and 
replace the tracks with new ones. It is easier and faster to do that than 
it is to clean up the mess created by attached tracks. The rat's nest 
display and the highliting features, as well as loop removal, make this 
really quick and easy. If connected tracks are there, it will be necessary 
to turn off avoid obstacle in order to clean up the mess, which is not a 
great idea for other reasons.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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