Thanks John and Geoff,

    I had thought along these lines but it would mean changing the system
here at work (not always easy!)

    Actually I had attempted something similar back in the Protel for
Windows days. At the time I had major problems moving the text fields to a
couple of the MidLayers (not enough mechanical layers back then).
Unfortunately at that time Protel used the layer that the Comments /
Designators occupied to define whether the component occupied the Top or
Bottom side of the PCB (according to Protel). Moving these strings to a
MidLayer resulted in them all being dumped at the origin with the text
changed to the word 'comment'.

    I had heard that this situation had changed with the more recent
releases of the software although I had not revisited this method. It sounds
like the time is now right to try again.

    Thanks again guys for your help and advice.

Best Regards,

Product Development Engineer
Zener Electric Pty Ltd

Ph: +61 2 9795 3600
Fax: +61 2 9795 3611

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I move all my designators to a specific mechanical layer (since
I don't have them on the silkscreen). Then it's only a matter of
including the layer in the printout.

Actually, I use two mech layers, one for top and the other for
bottom, so that a "Top Build" printout only includes designators
required on that side of the PCB. I'd put the comments on these
layers too, if I used them.


John Haddy

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