> I am generating a PowerPrint setup to print the various documents and
> overlays that I require for my latest PCB. I need some of these documents
> printed out as hard copy (laser printer) and others output as PDFs.
>  Is it possible to setup multiple printers within the one .PPC file or do
> I need a separate .PPC file for each printer type I wish to use? It would
> be nice to be able to hit one button and have it all happen.
>  The setup for layers, etc. withing the .PPC file I can handle OK, its
> just the printer issue I can't find any info on.

AFAIK, it is necessary to set up a distinct .PPC file for each different
printer driver that you want to use.

Given the topic, what do you, and others, think of the Power Print Server?
My view is that the functionality that it provides is, overall, far superior
to that provided by the "old fashioned" printing method. However, there are
times when I wonder whether it would be possible to make this more
"user-friendly" than is currently the case. Perhaps discussion on this
matter could establish some consensus on aspects where it could be improved.

As one example, it is currently possible to print all of the defined
Printouts, or just one of these, or just one page/selected pages of a
multiple-page Printout. How much merit would users see in also being able to
print *some* of the defined Printouts (rather than all of these or just one
of these)? (The CAM Manager Server permits the user to select which CAM
definitions will be enabled when the associated files are actually

And as another example, I typically want to have two Printouts of an
Assembly nature, *and* a number of Printouts of a Final nature, within the
*same* .PPC file. Implementing such a .PPC file is arguably not as
straightforward as it possibly could be. (I either have to add Assembly type
Printouts to a set of Final type Printouts, or add Final type Printouts to a
set of Assembly type Printouts, or otherwise merge two different .PPC files
into one .PPC file while using a text editor. Although things are easier
after having done this, because .PPC files can be "recycled" between
different PCB files, it is still less than "user-friendly" when doing this
the first time around.)

And when one of the options of gray colours or full colours is selected
(rather than the other possible option of black and white), the set of gray
colours and the set of full colours which are used is a *Server* setting. Is
there merit in being able to define a set of colours for each PPC file, or
even for each Printout that is defined within these? (And how much merit is
there in being able to save and load sets of colours in the event that this
otherwise remains a Server setting?)

There are yet other examples that I could add, but the above can be regarded
as a start. As I said before, I think that there is a lot to be said for the
Power Print Server. But is there any consensus on aspects in which it could
be made yet easier to use, and/or provide yet more functionality then is
currently the case?

Geoff Harland.
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