Hi Geoff,

    Oh well it looks like I'll have to set up twp .PPC files. Not too much
of a problem but it would have been nice to do it all with one button.

    Regarding your request for suggested improvements to the PowerPrint

    On the whole I think the PowerPrint server is a worthwhile addition to
Protel. It makes producing documentation quicker, easier and more complete
than in the past. I do however have one small wish...

    I would like to be able to print component designators and comments even
if they are hidden in the PCB file. Maybe a little further explaination is
in order.
    I normally print two overlay documents for each PCB. With the component
comment and designator fields unhidden:
         - turn the designators off and the comments on in PPC and print the
Top Overlay to produce a value overlay
        - turn the comments off and the designators on in PPC and print the
Top Overlay to produce a designator overlay.
    This works well with one exception. When I come to generate the Gerber
files for the PCB I need to do a global edit on all components in the file
to turn off comments and designators. I do not like having to edit the
supposedly completed file in order to produce a complete set of
    So therefore I would like to hide both designators and comments in a
file but have the PowerPrint server able to "see" them anyway.

    Sorry for the long-winded explanation. I hope I have got the gist of the
problem across though.

    I also see merit in your suggestion of being able to print just "some"
of the defined printouts.

Best Regards,

Product Development Engineer
Zener Electric Pty Ltd

Ph: +61 2 9795 3600
Fax: +61 2 9795 3611

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