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>- Effectively, in the sheet where the input pin is connected to
>   the port, i don't receive any warning; all is ok; it's only into the master
>   sheet i got warnings.
>   (If i do the wiring in the master sheet, i don't receive any warning!)

Right. I would expect you to get warnings because Protel appears to 
collapse ports and sheet entries. Once a port has been paired with a sheet 
entry, it loses its ability to suppress a floating pin warning. This is 
exactly as it should be.

If you don't want the warnings, there are a number of ways to go. The 
simplest is to delete the sheet entries in the master sheet. You don't need 
them, since you are using Ports Only for connectivity. The master sheet 
serves only to define the schematic sheets which compose the project.

If you want the sheet entries to stay, then you can put No-ERC directives 
on them. But I do not advise this. Instead, wire the sheet entries. This 
can be as simple as placing a wire with a net label (matching the sheet 
entry name) on each one. Since you are not allowing intersheet connections 
other than through ports, you might as well go ahead and make the 
connections explicit on the master sheet.

But I have often simply deleted the sheet entries when I did not want to go 
to the trouble of making connections on the master sheet. In fact, you can 
eliminate the master sheet entirely. Take the sheet symbols, which you can 
make fairly small since they no longer have sheet entries in them, and put 
them on one of your regular schematic sheets, making that the project sheet.

>-1- If i have a small ports count, i prefer to do the wiring in the master
>     (also useful for clarity and global verification at my opinion)

Yes. A thoughtful use of master sheets and subsheets can make it very easy 
to understand a schematic at a glance.

>-2- If i have too much ports, i will ignore unconnected input warnings. ( for
>the master sheet only!!)

I advise against this. It is too easy to make ignoring warnings a reflexive 
action. Today it might be fine, you will be careful. But next week? Next year?

>Thank you for your help and all precious informations you write to the forum.

What makes this forum work is our collective effort. I certainly don't know 
everything, and even when I know a thing it may not come to mind (as, for 
example, with the problem of track obscuring pad donut holes, which Mr. 
Koitmaa just brought to our attention: I knew that, but I didn't think of 
it). Together, however, by correcting each other, we make up one real 
design genius, so good at providing user support that Protel could not 
possibly provide better even at great expense.

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