At 12:43 PM 3/10/01 +0100, Rudolf Schaffer wrote:

>When using Only Ports Global in a flat design,
>how can i avoid ERC warning messages
>(with default matrix) for unconnected inputs
>without WIRING all the ports in the master sheet
>containing the sheet symbols?

Only Ports Global is used, as mentioned, in a flat design. Because they are 
global, there is no need for master sheet connections. If an input is 
flagged with a warning as open, it is because it is open, and because 
unconnected inputs have been set for warnings in the matrix.

The default matrix is not satisfactory for all purposes. If it isn't 
working for you, why not change it?

I set my error matrix to detect *all* unconnected pins, and when I place 
parts and intend that a pin remain unconnected, I place a No-ERC directive 
on the pin. If I forget to do this, it is easy to find and fix!

In general, one can suppress error and warning messages by placing a No-ERC 
directive on the place where the error marker appears. But use this 
sparingly, and using it to suppress warnings where off-sheet connections 
are involved is like putting a penny in a fuseholder. It might work and it 
might not do any harm....

However, I find that a port connected to an input pin suppresses the 
unconnected and floating warnings for that pin unconditionally, so I really 
do not understand the question. I even set the ERC matrix to show a warning 
for an input port connected to an input pin, and no warning was generated. 
This is a bug, I believe.

As I have mentioned before, the whole ERC situation needs careful review. 
It could be substantially improved.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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