There is a BITMAP importer that is on the download page for the Protel
forum. If you have access to a scanner, print out your spreadsheet scan it
in as a BITMAP and then import it into your PCB using the importer. I do not
know of another way to save spreadsheets as Bitmap's. 


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>I would like to create a Bill Of Materials from the schematic, and import
>it directly into the assembly drawing.
>Is there a way to do this, and could someone please help.

As others have said, there is no direct way, at least not as far as I am

If one has a way of importing a text file into .DXF, then .DXF could be 
imported into PCB. I'm assuming that the "assembly drawing" is to be 
prepared in PCB.

It would also not be difficult to write a utility to convert a text file to 
a set of string primitives to be copied onto the assembly drawing. If all 
the formatting were done in a text or spreadsheet editor (including 
converting tabs into spaces, which Excel can easily do), the strings could 
simply be lifted from the text file, line by line, and popped into an ASCII 
format PCB file, which could then be loaded and copied into the assembly 

One does not need to know much about the Protel file format to do this. 
Just place a string in an empty PCB file, save it in the ASCII format, and 
open it with a text editor. The ASCII database is self-documenting. You 
could even do the insertion using Excel; no programming would be necessary.

But I just print separate BOMs. It takes less time and is not necessarily 
less efficient.

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