I'm not sure I have any solutions, but maybe just talking it over will turn 
something up.

At 06:16 PM 3/22/01 -0600, John Lemburg wrote:
>Under Windows NT4 have been running Protel 99 SE with SP5 for months.  No
>1. Was using Protel, schematic, had ddb up and working, did a template
>update and everything stopped.  Window announcing system crash.  Exited,
>then restarted.

This, of course, is pretty unusual in NT. Well, I don't really know about 
NT, but I think the W2000 system does not usually go down if Protel misbehaves.

>2. But after restarting, this time as I see the ddb file list there is a
>little box at the left of each file name with a little arrow pointing to the
>upper right.  This was not there before.  Notice that clicking on anything
>produces no response.  Protel is dead.

This is not just a restart, but also Design Explorer was reloaded. I wonder 
if everything else about the system was okay. Protel was dead; what did the 
Task Manger show?

>3. Call the 800 number.  Learn that everyone is away at a show.

Yeah, talking with me..... :-)

>   Someone
>will call me in the morning.  Should I try cleanup?

Cleanup what? It's most likely that some critical component has been 
trashed in some way.

>   OK, try that.  Should I
>reinstall 99SE and do SP5?  OK, try that.  I indicate that I am very
>aggravated and don't have time to waste, since I am in the middle of a
>project and am not happy with this.

Reminds me of a story. Suffice it to say that computers rarely respond 
sympathetically to our unhappiness, and aggravation does not seem to cause 
us to think clearly. Anyway, we are seeing here a confirmation of Murphy's 
Law. Systems always go down with mysterious unidentifiable symptoms when we 
are just about to finish a large project. When we are out of work and bored 
and would really like something to work on, they work perfectly.

>4. Reboot and try again.  Same problem.

Consistent with the idea that something has been trashed.

>5. Tried cleanup.  No, Protel does not want to do a cleanup.

Protel cleanup? I think you mean "repair." However, if Protel is not 
functioning, repair might do more harm than good. If other databases load 
properly, or you can start a new database and it looks fine, then it should 
be safe to repair a database. But it would be prudent to copy it first, so 
there is a backup. I'd hope that copying the database was one of the first 
things done, but I know that when I'm desperate, I sometimes forget to take 
that precaution. Much to my regret.

>6. Did a Windows uninstall.  Removed the existing installation.  Removed the

Okay, your language is a bit garbled from the stress. You did not uninstall 
Windows, you uninstalled Protel. Presumably you uninstalled SP5 first, then 
Protel 99SE. This was not a bad idea, but there are some files which do not 
go away when you uninstall. To do a complete uninstall, go to your Windows 
directory and look for files with 99SE in the name. There will be .ini 
files, and some other extensions also. Take those files and move them to 
someplace out of the way. I'd just say to delete them, but it's good to get 
in the habit of being careful.

Then install 99SE.

>7. Rebooted.  Closed all other apps, and bottom bar is clear.  Installed
>99SE, typed in my name and the code exactly as it appears on the papers with
>the software.  Installed SP5.  Clicked on the icon.  99SE comes up, but the
>photo of the man with the hand stays there and won't go away.  Move the
>cursor anywhere and click and nothing happens.  Have to go to task manager
>and force it to go away.  Reboot.  Try again.  Same nonsense.

Yeah, I think you've got a problem with an .ini file. In fact, I am nearly 
certain. Try what I suggested.

>8. Windows uninstall again, only this time came along after it and removed
>the directories where the remnants once existed.  Long story.  Lots of
>wasted time.  Reboot.  Restart.  Reinstall all over again, put in name,
>codes, and same exact nonsense as in 7, above.

Of course. An .ini file is pointing to a non-existent file.

>9. At my wits end and want somebody at Protel to explain how to recover from
>such a nightmare during times when there is nobody at Protel to offer
>support.  What if this should happen on a weekend when there is nobody to
>give assistance.

We'll still be around. We are all over the world, in different time zones. 
And many of us have sweated through your particular nightmare.

>10. Help.

Glad you asked. Perhaps getting rid of those .ini files will help. It might 
even be enough to delete them and try to run Protel. I don't remember for 
sure, but I think that when an .ini file is missing, Client will make a new 
one, which would be just fine. But if not, reinstalling clean should work.

Okay, now the story. A man's father had been killed by a certain samurai, 
and he wanted revenge. So he went to a sword master and asked how long it 
would take for him to learn to use the sword well enough to do what he 
wanted to do. The master answered, "Five years." That was too long, so the 
man said, "But what if I work really hard?"

"In that case, ten years."

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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