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>Under Windows NT4 have been running Protel 99 SE with SP5 for months.  No
><stuff snipped...>

>7. Rebooted.  Closed all other apps, and bottom bar is clear.  Installed
>99SE, typed in my name and the code exactly as it appears on the papers with
>the software.  Installed SP5.  Clicked on the icon.  99SE comes up, but the
>photo of the man with the hand stays there and won't go away.  Move the
>cursor anywhere and click and nothing happens.  Have to go to task manager
>and force it to go away.  Reboot.  Try again.  Same nonsense.
>8. Windows uninstall again, only this time came along after it and removed
>the directories where the remnants once existed.  Long story.  Lots of
>wasted time.  Reboot.  Restart.  Reinstall all over again, put in name,
>codes, and same exact nonsense as in 7, above.
>9. At my wits end and want somebody at Protel to explain how to recover from
>such a nightmare during times when there is nobody at Protel to offer
>support.  What if this should happen on a weekend when there is nobody to
>give assistance.

OK - we should try to determine what is persisting between installations?
1) Your DDB for sure.
2) The Protel ini and rcs files in the WinNT directory possibly - (these 
possibly are not deleted by the uninstall)
3) Access database drivers in the Win system area and scattered elsewhere I 
4) I do not think there are too many other things

1) Protel may be trying to auto-load the old DDB file.  Doing step 2) will 
remove the ini file entries causing the autoload to occur but you can also 
do it by renaming the possibly offending (DDB file(s)).  Try to see if you 
can get Protel to start without it automatically loading a DDB.  In many 
programs holding the CTRL key down will prevent the documents open at the 
last close from being opened.  In Protel holding the ctrl key down as it 
starts simply prevents the *documents* within an auto-opened DDB file from 
opening.  You can edit the Client99se.ini file and remove/edit the relevant 
sections ([Open Windows] - edit to a count of 0, and I think [Open Design 
Database] - maybe everything in that section can be delete but I can't recall).

If you can get Protel to open without a DDB file can you then open old DDBs 
successfully?  What happens if you try to repair your DDB - the one the 
crash occured on.  (Client menu - that-arrow-to-the-left-of-the-file-menu - 
click on Design Utilities and then try repairing the DDB.)  Can you open it 
successfully now?  If not then send the ddb to Protel for analysis and 
extract a backup.  Look in your backup directory of the folder of the DDB 
for any recent sch and pcb auto-save files that you can use.  Create a new 
DDB and recover what you can.

2) Uninstall P99SE (again) and the manually remove or move elsewhere all 
the Client99SE.* files you can see in the WinNT folder.

3) You could try getting the latest Access database drivers from Microsoft 
and installing them in the hope that they overwrite the old files.  (There 
is a Protel KB article on where these drivers can be found - search for 
Access and MDAC and see what comes up.) I am not sure how one can remove 
the Access drivers manually.  There may be something on the MS KB about this.

I am interested in how you go. Good luck,

Ian Wilson

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