You might also watch for errors in the .LEGEND string if you use more than
sixteen drill sizes. This is more than a normal amount but the drill drawing
is a mess after sixteen sizes.  It most often arises for me when SMD require
NPT holes.  If a single drill tool could be used and a plating thickness and
TOL. applied we would be thinking about holes in a more true to manufactured
manner. As it is finished hole size and some IPC standard TOL.. When I use
special tolerance holes I place a line in the drill drawing layer above the
.LEGEND string so that the diameter information is crossed out. I use a fine
line so that the crossed out diameter information is still readable in the
event that a drill size is added or removed the symbol, count, and diameter
can be checked. To the left of the drill symbol (positioned by trial &
error) I place the non-standard tolerance string ie. "13.5mil +3/-13.5mil

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Subject:        Re: [PEDA] Legend string problem

Well, I see responses to 'Schematic Library Tips' thread but nothing
regarding my problem.
Is this such a non-issue for everyone as to not be worth the time...or what?
I'm getting paranoid. Help please.

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From: Susan Scott [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: [PEDA] Legend string problem

Hello All...
Well, not everything's perfect. I'm using Protel 99SE Service Pack 6.
I am suddenly having a problem with the legend string on my drill drawing.
Previously (before SP6) when I printed my drill drawing with a legend string
placed near the board I could print it at the same size and location as
other prints showing the other layers.
Now, the drill drawing is shown very small at the lower left of the page. If
I remove the legend string from the .PCB and print again, the drill drawing
becomes the same size as the print of the other layers.
Has anyone else had this problem?
I use this drawing for several purposes and would like it to be the same
size as the other prints.
Hope someone can shed light. TIA.

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