At 08:39 AM 5/3/01 -0700, Brad Velander wrote:
>I am also semi afraid of invoking too many rules because of
>the comments offered on this list about resource requirements with rules. I
>don't need any ill behavior because of too many rules defined [...]

The resource problem is specific to Windows 95/98, and it only occurs when 
editing rules. I don't think the number of rules has any bearing on it. 
Essentially, when editing rules it's a good idea to be running nothing 
other than Protel, or at least nothing that takes up much in the way of 
user resources. I'm still running W98SE on my main machine and I keep a 
resource monitor running. You can see the resources drop when rules dialogs 
are opened.

For example, right now I have Protel open with the PCB editor and Schematic 
Editor, and I'm composing this mail in Eudora, the sponsored version, which 
itself is a bit of a resource hog. I also have Explorer open looking at 
yahoo. My resource monitor is down to one green bar. Looking at the rules 
(Design/Rules) makes no change. Double-clicking on a rule to open the rule 
edit dialog immediately drops the resources to one *thin* yellow bar. 
Closing the rules window only takes me back to one regular yellow bar. 
Closing the database, but leaving Client running, still one regular yellow 
bar. Closing Protel entirely takes me to two green bars, i.e., the 
resources are recovered.

There has been extensive discussion of what this indicates about how PCB is 
managing resources.... Let's hope they fix it.

But you can use lots of rules without a problem. Just watch your resources, 
and if they go yellow, watch *carefully*, and close Client when you are 
done with the rules. Don't do more than very simple rule editing with any 
other major application open, and even then be prepared to close and 
restart Client.

The only time I've seen a crash from rules editing, I simply wasn't paying 
attention to the resource level.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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