here in Germany we (small company) have a serious problem with MAXIM, but
also with LT and Lucent, just to name a couple of others. They all do great
components, but when you want to purchase parts in SMD, especially SOTxx
package, you are told that the minimum quantity is 2500 up, or whatever a
reel may contain. If you need just 100, and the part is 10$ each, you
definitely will not order 25 times the amount you actually need. This
policy is the best way of preventing possible customers to use their


Gisbert Auge
N.A.T. GmbH

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Just to jump in in defense of Maxim...I use a lot of their power supply and
communication related parts (MAX724, MAX1480, MAX1490, MAX488 etc...) and
they have been very good with samples and lead times through Maxim direct
sales even for small volumes ( less than 50 pieces sometimes..)
Maybe they have trouble with some high volume parts that I don't know about
but they make good reliable parts and provide very good data sheets...just
thought I would throw that out in case the negatives scare some designers
away from some very good parts

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Bagotronix Tech Support wrote:

> > one last thought on this
> > it may not matter what footprint you use because when you really get
> > rolling and really need the chips they won't be available
> > it is Maxim you know :)
> >
> Yeah, they stink when it comes to parts availability.  Their parts are
> great, if you can get 'em.  I try to avoid Maxim like the plague for this
> reason, but sometimes they've got the right part and no one else does.
> that they have acquired Dallas, will they infect that product line with
> "unobtanium" too?

That is curious!  I have been using a few Maxim parts in fair numbers, and

never had trouble getting parts.  Now, the parts I use probably are not the
going into cell phones, which may be the problem.

I have used the Max 412, and use a lot of Max310 and Max901 parts, and have
had the slightest trouble getting them.  The only odd thing is that EVERY
part I
use is not carried by Digi-Key, although they carry pages of other Maxim


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