The standards are all ready set. I do not have control of them, this task
was put into motion sometime ago. If you want to look at the standards you
can at . again I have no control over the set
anyone who thinks this can not be done is sorry to say wrong. We as
designers make libraries every day. If we where to stick to the standards,
follow them as they have been written, and everyone puts some time in the
project the end result will be one large library that everyone will be able
to uses. Just think of the amount of time you will save if you did not have
to make a library. How many of us have the same foot prints in different
designers .ddb, or have no real standard in there company and your library
is a free for all.
Here is a list of standards.

1 All parts must be in metric.
2 There is a conductive fence on the lowest layer as to avoid part placement
3 for through hole parts the center is located on pin 1
4 for SMT parts center is located in the center of the part
5 each part has an assembly drawing 
6 parts naming i.e.. Small Outline Packages, 7.8mm Lead Span (Pitch 0.65mm)
SOP78- Pin Qty

There are more but you get the idea. The end result will benefit everyone in
the group, I am doing this in my free time and I wanted to make sure that
people would be interested before I dig in and get my hands dirty. I am
currently working on translating 8500 parts into this format. Look over the
standards and give me as much input weather it be positive or negative. I am
also working on getting a forum started or get on the existing one as the
project extends it self.


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