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Mr. Lomax
>What I forsee is a system whereby a user wishes to use a part which is not 
>in the library we have created. He builds it, and he submits it. The part 
>is posted as unvalidated. Another user, certified by the user group for 
>this purpose, might check the part. The status of that part becomes 
>"checked, not validated." And then users who use the part will report their

>experience with it, particularly with actual fab and assembly. Reports 
>regarding the part are tallied and ultimately the footprint is 
>automatically given validated status because of a multiplicity of 
>validations and an absence of complaints. (If there are validations *and* 
>complaints, the matter becomes more complicated, I won't go into that now.)

>The key to this will be making the submission and retrieval and validation 
>of parts *easy*, so that no user is unduly burdened. Protel might 
>definitely help with that part. Ultimately the reporting mechanisms might 
>be built into client, with a tool that sends a footprint on command to a 
>configurable address, together with comment text.

Mr. Lomax
        You are right on the money this is how the validation works. when a
part is designed it goes in a special file on the web sight as a "not
validated part". When a designer or Protel (if where lucky) can validate the
part the name of the person who validated it is put on the part and it is
then moved to the validated folder. I believe there is a lock on the
folders, We as designers can not change parts we post them and someone else
moves them to the validated and not validated folders.


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