> I try to creat a footprint which contains special string .designator on
> mechanical layer 15 and .comment on mechanical layer 14, and set default
> string height and width to them, both of the string are in the center of
> footprint. So I can easily to creat the assembly drawing for debuging and
> assembly, and need not to move the string on the silkscreen.
> If all components are on the same side, it looks ok. but if the components
> are on both side, I should manually change the the special string to
> different layers, before creat assembly drawing.
> I wonder if I can customize layer pairs to accomplish that, for example,
> mechnanical 12 VS mechnanical 14, mechnanical 13 VS mechnanical 15, then
> I move a component to another layer, the special string can move to the
> corresponding layer automatically.
> Luo.

It is not out of the question that a Server could be created which could
implement (in a fashion) what you are looking for. But Mechanical layers can
not otherwise be paired to one another at present.

On assorted occasions I have requested that Altium provide a feature (in
Protel) in which users could pair Mechanical layers to one another as
required. (I have also suggested that a similar feature be provided in the
contemporary version of P-CAD, as such a feature was provided in DOS
versions of P-CAD.)

To facilitate both the user interface (i.e. dialog boxes) and the associated
software requirements, I have also suggested that the ability to pair such
layers to one another be restricted to the ability to optionally pair Mech 1
and Mech 2, and/or to pair Mech 3 and Mech 4, ... , and/or to pair Mech 15
and Mech 16. Depending upon which such layers were paired to one another,
there would be between 8 pairs of paired Mechanical layers and no pairs of
paired Mechanical layers in a particualr PCB file. Thus while Mechanical
layers could not be paired to one another arbitrarily, it would still be
possible to establish up to eight pairs of paired Mechanical layers, should
that number of paired layers actually be required.

I don't think that it would be possible to implement this in Protel 99 SE
(because of database considerations). But it could probably be implemented
in future releases of Protel, and it has certainly been long enough, since I
first publicised this suggestion on this forum, for Altium to have been
aware of this request.

Geoff Harland.
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