I have used the promote/demote buttons quite a lot, and have never had this 
problem.  I don't think I have ever clicked the default button though...I 
tend to avoid clicking those somehow, I guess its an instinctive thing.

Personally, I'm apalled that this has never been corrected after all this 
time.  A good test program will catch this sort of thing in Alpha at the 

Thank you for alerting me to the "press here to corrupt files button"!  I 
just wish I had an electronic sticky note to attach to that button, or if I 
still worked for GM I guess I would just call Safety and have them 
lockout/tagout the affected switch, heh heh.


At 07:59 AM 9/18/2001 +1000, Ian wrote:
>On 08:56 AM 17/09/2001 -0700, Brad Velander said:
>>         haven't tried to implement the fix yet but wanted to make sure I
>>understood the cause. Ian said clicking the default button caused the
>>problem. Are you saying that changing the display order using the
>>promote/demote buttons also causes the problem?
>>         If the answer to the above question is positive, aaarrgghh! That
>>means that we cannot change the display order without invoking the bug. I
>>changed the display order right off the start because I found the default
>>order too unworkable. Looks like I may be stuck with it again, or I put up
>>with the display problem which in my case is livable but annoying.
>>Brad Velander,
>My experiments suggest that it is the "Default" button that causes the 
>problem.  I could use the Promote and Demote buttons OK.  But I must admit 
>I am not sure how much testing I did.
>Thinking about the different buttons in the Layer Drawing Order dialog, I 
>can understand how an oversight (being polite) might make the Default 
>button only fill the list with the old layers in a hard coded order (as 
>this section of code was not updated when the new layers were added).  I 
>would be surprised if the Promote and Demote buttons cause the problem.
>Bye for now,

Frank Gilley
Dell-Star Technologies
(918) 838-1973 Phone
(918) 838-8814 Fax

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