On 11:53 AM 20/09/2001 +0200, Rene Tschaggelar said:
>I already regret my update from SP5 to SP6. SP6 is buggier than I imagined.
>In the schematic the toolbars behave strange.
>Some toolbars are toggling their presence from the menu,
>whereas others replace others.
>Namely :
>-main comes and goes as toggled in the menu
>-digital comes and goes as toggled in the menu
>-powerojects come and go as toggled in the menu
>-drawing replaces wiring
>-wiring replaces drawing
>give me a checkbox, but not a toggle
>Ing.Buero R.Tschaggelar - http://www.ibrtses.com


I just tested my Sch toolbars.  There is no interaction like you see at 
all.  Each toolbar behaves independently - I can toggle them off and on as 
one would expect.

I would not have expected to have seen this issue as I run with all the 
toolbars off (including Main usually).

My thoughts would be to see if it happens on any other machine that you may 
have access to (colleague, friend, client, manufacturer?).  If it doesn't 
then I would grab a copy of all their INI and RCS files (from the windows 
install directory) and compare them.  This can be painful and slow.  (The 
other alternative is to just copy the RCS and ini files over your 
(backed-up) versions and see what that does.)

Have a look at the parameters for the View|Toolbars|Drawing Tools.  For me 
the process is "Client:CustomizeResources" and the parameter is 
"ToggleToolbar=DrawingTools|$Description=Toggle Drawing toolbar on or 
off".  (The fast method check/customize the menu is to double-click the 
menu bar - thanks due I think to Andrew Jenkins for pointing this gem 
out.)  Is your resource setting different?

Your problem does sound odd.  I would think it could be fixed by a fresh, 
clean copy of the relevant RCS file.

As for SP6 being worse than SP5.  I have seen a couple of comments along 
this line but my experience is that SP6 is OK.  I can't remember back to 
SP5 to recall better or worse though.

Bye for now,
Ian Wilson

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