Hi Mike, 

Actually we have a large number of old 'hand taped' artworks here and use an
outside service bureau to convert them into gerbers. There is a company here
in San Diego, CadArt Services, that has the facilities and the expertise to
do this sort of artwork restoration very well for about 40 dollars a sheet.
There is always cleanup for them to do to the scans as there will be areas
on the artwork (or PCB) that reflect into the camera and cause aberrant
'flotsam' or specs and lines that are undesirable. They can convert their
gerbers into AutoCAD or some other format too. I even heard of a guy that
was milling off the layers of a board, one at a time, and photographing the
circuits to recreate lost artwork. I guess it is done, but sounds like a lot
of work! - Bill Brooks

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i guess our customer on this board rebuild job is happy with us
and has given us a bunch more boards to do.  over half of them
are simple two-sided boards.  with no existing gerbers, up til
now i've been recreating these in protel with a stripped board and
a set of calipers.

this issue has been sitting on the backburner for me a while, but
bob wolfe mentioned something close to it and now my interest 
is piqued.  there is another facility here on base that can take an 
existing board that's stripped and somehow scan or photograph 
the surface and generate gerbers from that.  they want me to go
over and check it out and give them an idea of whether this is a
good idea and what kind of problems might be involved with this

my question:  what am i likely to find when i go over there?  i'm
going to assume that there is some scanning or photographic
hardware thats associated with some software program that
converts a raster image into the vectorized gerber files.  are you
guys familiar with this kind of setup?  what are some of the software/
hardware setups employed for this?  surely its better than me sitting
here re-creating the boards by hand. 

any comments will be appreciated.

thanks, miker

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