Careful and reasoned may win the day but the alternative was veeerry
therapeutic ;-)

> 1) ATS for P99SE is USD$1995 for a $USD7995 product - 25%

Therein lies the problem, at USD$7995 prottle is really poor value.

The price of the product has risen substantially due to all of the
dysfunctional garbage included, which does however  look good in the
glossies. At the time of the inclusion one is receptive to the new widget as
there is a feint glimmer of hope that, contrary to past trends, it may
actually work well enough to be of some commercial value. Shortly after
reality returns.

At the end of the day it has allowed the purchase price to bubble up
considerably while we still spend considerable time griping over problematic
issues in the core PCB design area, tracks on boards that is...

In case Altium haven't noticed things are rather flat at the moment for many
of us. Given recent events, the short term looks as though it will stay flat
if not far worse. ( Unless you are a military contractor ;-)  For a PCB
Design Bureau who may use the product for 10 hours a day the upgrade will
not be as big an issue as the product is earning its keep. In our operation
we may use Prottle in a few bursts across the year, in amongst mech CAD,
Compilers, Debuggers, Simulators, test equipment etc etc etc. All of which
cost money to maintain.  ( albeit far less than the REDICULOUS amount
suggested by Protel )

What disappoints me more than the suggested hike is the complacency of the
user community in rolling over and accepting the move, this vindicates the
Commercial Piranha that have obviously hijacked the Company with the "Greed
is Good Philosophy". Given the number of people in this list, the replies
have been very thin indeed. The Company got to where it is, with a large
user base that is, as a result of differentiating itself from the big guys
by reasonable pricing.  For a new purchaser ( at  USD8K it will only be a
sizeable business doing heaps of PCB work ) it might be a wiser move to
invest a little more & buy a real Design package such as Veribest. For the
smaller operator, he has already gone & purchased EWB or one of the many
other "reasonably priced" Layout packages on the market.

This like other correspondence to date has been CC'd to Protel sales so no
doubt exists as to at least this user's opinion on their future path. If you
have any interest in maintaining your own capacity to be able to afford
future upgrades, I would suggest that you do likewise. If the user community
fails to communicate with Altium on this issue then they may rightfully feel
vindicated in shafting us for AUD$4K per Annum, heck they might even wonder
where their users have all vanished to.

Ball's in your court.


Don Ingram CID

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