At 01:38 PM 11/15/01 +1300, Wayne Bickers wrote:
>Create BOM in CSV format,
>Export from ddb,
>Open in Excel

Right. However, if you want to make edits to the spreadsheet and get them 
back into the Schematic or PCB, its a little trickier. I always have some 
trouble with it, apparently one must do it exactly right or else it flat 
doesn't work.

The original file and the spreadsheet created from it must remain open. 
(Note that if you have not changed the source file, you could recreate the 
spreadsheet later, so you don't really have to accomplish everything in the 
same session.

Make sure that you have a index field that you can sort your original 
spreadsheet from Protel and the spreadsheet coming back so they are both in 
the same order. Copy and paste whatever fields you want to import back from 
Excel into the Protel spreadsheet. Then you can update the schematic or pcb 
from your Protel spreadsheet. (File/Update, I think, while the spreadsheet 
is open will update the source file with information in the spreadsheet).

I had a situation recently where I needed to create a *huge* number of 
surface pads and I had no schematic, only a very weird Excel spreadsheet 
with names, nets and locations for each pad. I did it through the 
spreadsheet.... *Then* I made the library part for the set of pads and then 
I brought in the nets, it may have been the same way or through a net list, 
I forget.

I don't recall, also, exactly how I created the pads, I may have just made 
a pile of pads, the correct number of them, by copy and paste, and then 
assigned their locations and names through the spreadsheet. I'm not sure 
that one can create pads in the spreadsheet. Somewhere I have my notes, I 
kept some intending to document this process because I thought it might be 
of interest to some....

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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