At 09:43 AM 11/20/01 -0500, Jeff Adolphs wrote:
>I suspect Protel and AutoCAD are not
>setup correct somehow. Restarting the computer 10 times a day is a waste
>of time and is frustrating.

I suspect that the programs and their setup are not the problem. Rather, 
I'd look into the video card/video drivers, for one thing. Some video cards 
are known to have problems interacting with Protel.

Intermittent hardware failure is another possibility. I saw something like 
this from what may have been a bad socket or CPU pin. Usually it worked.... 
but then it would crash or lockup with no apparent cause. Usually I was 
doing *something* at the time.

Some aspects of the hardware might only be rarely accessed but AutoCAD and 
Protel might take advantage of those, thus the problem would seem 

>The question:
>I am using compact the design (I previously did not know how to turn it
>off - thanks!), do you find that not using compact the design results in
>less Protel crashes (Do you want to save corrupted data or just quit?).

Most of us, it seems, do not experience enough crashes to be able to answer 
the question from experience. I doubt, however, that it would have much effect.

Nonetheless, 10 crashes per day represents a significant risk. I'd have 
autosave on with a high frequency, and I would frequently save files on 
which I was working actively. Every time a file is saved to the database, a 
copy is written to the directory where the database lives, and the previous 
copy is renamed, so this provides an additional level of security.

What operating system is being used? If it is Windows 98, that is quite 
likely to be the problem.

(Windows 98 has resource limitations and Protel is a resource hog. NT or 
W2000 are recommended, they have no such limitation. If you must run 
Windows 98 -- I am -- you *must* run a resource meter and do not allow 
resources to run out. Editing design rules especially consumes resources, 
something about which we have complained many times. There is no good 
reason for that except a programmer's poor choice as to how to deal with 
the dialog boxes. There also appears to be a resource leak; sometimes 
available resources decline simply -- it seems -- because Protel is loaded. 
When I get a resource alarm, I respond immediately and shut something down. 
It's not a bad idea at that point to exit Protel. When the Windows resource 
meter goes yellow, I am very careful what I do....)

The only time, aside from when I have allowed resources to evaporate 
entirely, when I see crashes is when I am using the spreadsheet editor or 
when closing the Protel session afterwards; the exact conditions I have not 
identified. The latter case, basically Protel stops responding, seems to be 
harmless, data loss is very, very rare.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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