On 08:33 AM 21/11/2001 +1300, Brendon Slade said:
>Something that came up on this forum a wee while ago speeds the startup by
>not showing the splashscreen.
>Get out your scalpel and open up Client99SE.INI, found in C:\WINNT (if
>you're running NT, otherwise you'll have to hunt it down).  In the section
>[System Preferences]
>  insert the following text on a new line:
>It makes a bit of a difference.

While you are at it prune the number of closed databases down by cleaning 
up the old entries from [Closed Files List] section of the same file.

Protel does not use the registry a great deal to store it settings. So the 
12000 registry accesses requires a little thinking.

Protel *does* use OLE technology and this no doubt is a heavy user of the 
registry, but also, due to a technique that MS put in to the Win32 API 
(from memory), it is possible to map accesses to the registry to an ini 
file.  So it is possible (speculation here) that some/most/all of the 12000 
registry accesses during startup are mapped through to the ini files.

So keeping the ini files as clean as possible may be helpful.

I have found that disabling McAfee Virus Scan from scanning ini files as 
they are opened helps - I am going off McAfee big time.  I tried to report 
a possible unknown virus and got the complete and utter run around from a 
twit that said they don't support my version (even though the do still 
produce DAT files for it.)  I know others that also have problems with 
McAfee and Protel - sometime McAfee starts to hog 99% of CPU time and 
everything comes to an end.  In fact it may not be just Protel but more 
generally a Borland Delphi interaction as it sometimes happens when running 
Delphi (which I *hate* with a vengeance both the language and the UI, but 
use to develop Protel servers and support some clients code).

Ian Wilson

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