I am not the moderator of this list, and you all are free to cheerfully 
ignore my comment, but the legitimate point of this thread was that many of 
us would like to run Protel under Linux. It is not terribly relevant for 
our purpose which operating system is best. As we know, the OS wars would 
go on for centuries, filling vast disk spaces with polemic, with no 
resolution until the sides retire in exhaustion, though that possibility is 
only theoretical.

So I'll politely ask, please, let's not debate the superiority of one 
system over another, we've seen too much of that. It is enough to 
acknowledge that some of us prefer one system and some prefer another; this 
does not require any admission that the other side is anything other than 
the collection of stupid idiots that they must be if they would support 
that piece of junk.


In ten years, I will look back at this post and say, "Ah, I was right, and 
the world came to agree with me." Isn't ambiguity wonderful?

The Linux proponents, being outsiders at this time (with respect to 
Protel), have a certain right, I'd say, to establish that their preference 
is not completely insane, and this may require pointing out certain alleged 
problems or deficiencies with Windows. There are many excellent reasons why 
Protel should continue to support Windows, so I don't think there is any 
threat to those who prefer Windows.

As I expressed before, my own suspicion is that an attempt to support Linux 
in addition to Windows would force a programming discipline that might well 
improve both products. Sloppiness that might pass unnoticed in Windows, 
even though it causes the occasional crash, might well come to light in the 
process of compiling Protel for Linux. But I have never done programming on 
this level, it's just my suspicion.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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