If possible I would love a copy too, Please.


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Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 12:04 AM
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I sent it to Abdulrahman Lomax he wanted to bring it to the file section in
this forum.
But anyway, I send it to your e-mail address.


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Von: Brooks,Bill [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2001 01:47
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Georg Beckmann mentioned having a little utility to convert the GERBER
output from CAMTASIC to PROTEL compatible Gerber.... for import to Protel.
Does anyone have this file they can make available to me? I would like to
test it on some boards I am plying with. Could be very useful.... thanks
Bill Brooks

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Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 9:59 AM
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Subject: Re: [PEDA] AW: imported Gerber info missing

Hi Georg, Could I get a copy of the Gerber translator program you mentioned
in this post?
- Bill Brooks

Bill Brooks
PCB Design Engineer , C.I.D.
3030 Enterprise Court
Vista, CA 92083
Tel: (760)597-1500 Ext 3772 Fax: (760)597-1510
IPC Designers Council, San Diego Chapter

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From: Georg Beckmann [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2001 2:17 AM
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Subject: [PEDA] AW: imported Gerber info missing

Thanks for the advice, someone made me a simple program to convert the
gerber files generated by camtastic that protel can inport it.
The program adds the Dnn and cuts the first 3 lines of the gerber
that protel don't understand.

It is a simple DOS program you can start in a dos-box with the name of the
source gerber to convert. The result is a file with the same name but a
gbx instead of a gbr extention. So you have to rename it and preserve your
source somewhere.

With this I was able to import the gerber.

The drills I first imported in camtastic and had to make a tool file.
( In my sources the drill tools and the apertures are only in a text-Doc )

Then I exported the drills as a gerber and imported to protel on a mech
layer. With global change it was possible to add a hole of the same size
then the pad on this layer.

Now I can make the post processes and even make minor changes on this pcb.

--> If anybody wants the program, please let me know, it's free.


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> Von: Abd ul-Rahman Lomax [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Gesendet: Freitag, 19. Oktober 2001 07:57
> An: Protel EDA Forum
> Betreff: Re: [PEDA] imported Gerber info missing
> At 03:40 PM 10/18/01 -0600, Colby Siemer wrote:
> >Ted,
> >
> >The reason Protel will not import the gerber properly is
> because of the way
> >the DCodes are done in the CAMTastic version being used.
> >
> >Protel needs to have the DCode listed each time, it does not
> assume the last
> >used DCode if it is missing.  CamTastic only lists it one
> time until the
> >code changes then it lists it again.
> Note that this refers to the D-Code for flash or for draw,
> which is D01 or
> D02, I forget which is which. The line format, at least the
> usual one, is
> X[x1]Y[y1]Dnn*
> where x1 and y1 are integers formatted according to the
> settings. When you
> want to examine a file, it can be useful to set zero
> suppression to none,
> so every coordinate will be the same length. That makes it
> easy to set up
> field in a database.
> Anyway, the RS-274 standard is that a parameter remains the
> same unless it
> is changed. So if you have, for example, two points with the same X
> coordinate, you could draw a line between the two without
> having to specify
> the X coordinate twice. Protel reads this correctly.
> The same thing is true for the D-codes which specify the
> aperture. One does
> not have to specify the aperture over and over again, it
> simply remains
> what it was when it was last set.
> It had never occurred to me that the D-command at the end of
> the line would
> be the same way. But it is. A line like
> X[xvalue]*
> will either draw or flash depending on the last used D-code.
> The asterisk
> is sufficient in that case. (CR/Line Feed is irrelevant to
> Gerber code as I
> recall, but it is usually used, makes it much easier to read!
> And Protel
> might require it, I think.)
> I could not see any option in CAMtastic which would control
> this feature in
> the output. CAMtastic apparently assumes that it is
> universally known;
> indeed, it should be. It was an error for the Protel
> programmers to assume
> that imported gerber was Protel-generated. Yes, they might
> not have wanted
> to implement the full standard, but this item was trivial. It would
> probably take me about twenty minutes to write a program to
> restore the
> D-codes, and that is long because I haven't done any
> programming recently,
> and I tend to make lots of dumb mistakes.
> If someone has the time and inclination to write it, we could
> put up a
> utility to restore the missing D-codes. The algorithm is
> 1. read line, drop asterisk
> 2. parse D-code, save as X$
> 3. if no D-code, write previous X$ at end
> 4. add asterisk
> 5. write line
> back to 1 until file end.
> Abdulrahman Lomax
> Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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