Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:

> Mr. Clark emphasized that the burden of providing support for ancient
> versions of Protel was diverting resources from program development, and
> that with the ATS program, Altium would no longer be obligated to provide
> support without receiving corresponding revenue.

I'd love to know who is getting support for "ancient" versions of software.
I can't get support for 99SE from Altium!  I never even bother to call them,
because they are a black hole.  I send email, leave phone messages, etc. and
never hear a word back.  If it wasn't for this list (which I am NOT paying
anyone for) Protel would be 'shrink wrap' software, ie. you gety what comes
in the package, and you'd better be able to figure out all problems yourself.

> Better, however, Altium could replace support by its personal staff, which
> is expensive, with user-based support, which would be very cheap. We
> already provide better support anyway. By facilitating user support, Altium
> would be fulfilling its implied contract with the users of older versions,
> for that contract does not specify or determine the means by which support
> is to be provided.

Well, when I used Accel's Tango years ago, I could call them up and actually
talk to a live person.  Sometimes they had a workaround, sometimes they said
"oh, well, if it crashes when you do that, then don't do that."  But, I can't
recall actually having spoken to anyone at Protel (now Altium) about a
technical problem.  I did call their sales people and speak to a human.
And, if I sent an email on technical issues, I once heard back from them
2 MONTHS after the report was sent!  The several other times, I NEVER
got any response at all.

Unless I'm singled out because we are at a University (they never told us we
wouldn't get support due to our edu. discount as some other vendors do)
I can't believe they are claiming support costs are killing them.

Any comments on the level of support others have gotten?


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