Thanks for the response, sorry to rant, I understand the variety of choice,
but I am dealing with a situation where the master of the Orcad schematic I
am taking in is rather reluctant to modify much
on that end which is causing me more work on my end plus the constant errors
in power connections
becuase of two diff. voltages and cut and pasting parts, the way it is being
So I just had to rant a little on some of the comments.
At a previous company we actually took a vote and ended up making an extra
gate within the part which you saw as you where placing symbols so it was a
easier not to forget to connect power, this allowed one graphic to really
represent many
parts. I also realize this is a pain to hav eto remember to connect up power
each time,
but that was the way the majority wanted it llokking at all the pros and
cons of quite
a few ways to handle it within the particular CAD system at the time.
VeriBest (now Mentor) had a real slick way of handling this having only one
symbol to represent any number of dif. part numbers. You placed the symbol
by what they called
a part and it took in the proper symbol.
I do absolutely agree that keeping the schematic as simple a possible is
best, and I really it is up to the
group you are dealing with how that is best handled trying to balance the
unclutterd schematic vs
making painless for the schematic to be generated correct to design intent.
Robert M. Wolfe, C.I.D.

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> On Thu, 6 Dec 2001 10:09:49 -0500, Robert M. Wolfe wrote:
> >engineers do not take in the bigger picture when looking at a problem,
> >should include the entire group on the food chain of data to the final
> But I am looking at the bigger picture - the issue is not what information
> the schematic document contains but what selection of that information you
> choose to show and how on hard copy.
> I'll wager no one shows all information contained in a schematic on hard
> copy (no one unhides all component fields) because the schematic would be
> so cluttered as to be unreadable.
> If someone needs to know exactly what that 10k resistor is they have to
> look it up in the part list. If someone needs to know exactly what
> are connected to a chip I really don't see that having to look it up in a
> netlist or power table on the last sheet is so very different.
> Judgement is called for. If that 10k resistor was a 20W power device or a
> 0.1% precision part I may well show that on hard copy the same as I will
> likely show unusual power supply connections. For the most part 10k
> resistor details and power supply connections are uninteresting and should
> be hidden.
> >Sorry but that "just a graphical netlist" got to me.
> It is the few rants here specifically about power pins (and previously
> about no connect pins) which lead me to the "just a graphical netlist"
> conclusion.
> I create schematics for others and myself to read. I get netlists out of
> them but don't compromise readability for the sake of making it slightly
> harder to screw up the netlist.
> Cheers, Terry.

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