I did this last year when I realized the limitations of Camtastic in merging 
separate PCB's.

I had to have separate PCBs, since the front panel controls (switches, rotary 
encoder, display) are all different stand off heights. I used the 1mm flex to 

What I did was to segregate the separate boards into different sheets and 
used the ref des prefix option to discern the different boards. I solid 
modeled the enclosure and boards and exported the individual board outlines 
to Autocad. I then did the tab routes in Autocad for the multiple boards with 
the proper tool radii and mouse bite locations. I also did the butterfly 
PICMG PCI/ISA backplane hole locations so I had a guide for the PCB footprint 
origins (my clearances/tolerances for positioning were <5mil). I then 
imported this 2D composite into Protel's PCB editor. 

Since had the proper locations from the solid model's connector locations 
(thanks to AMP for including surfaced IGES models on their web site) I was 
able to accurately place the proper ref-prefixed designators on the 
corresponding boards. I'd double click on an arc/hole location on the 
mechanical layer, find out what the coordinates were to be and then placed 
the component's PCB footprint at the same location. I've also begun using 
L-shaped targets centered on pin 1 and can use the electrical snap to the end 
points when I pick up and move the connectors. 

Mechanically, the completed assembly fit perfectly in the final sheet metal 
1U rack I designed. The sheetmetal agreed perfectly with the completed boards 
and I/O cards. 

As to ECO's on this design, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I 
had to make two revisions for the software guys and it was a breeze. 

I find that using the solid models to locate the exact position of the parts 
worked really well. The combination of Solidworks, Autocad (I prefer it for 
the 2D drafting work), and Protel allow me to exactly coordinate the various 
aspects of  the product design.

In a message dated 12/20/2001 10:42:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, 

> for two PCBs in the enclosure).
>  The problem is that the most efficient way to do this requires all the
>  display parts on one PCB - the rest on the other. Unfortunately this is not
>  the way the schematic sheets are arranged. So it will be impossible to get 
>  netlist for individual PCBs.
>  What I was planning to do was draw the two pcbs in one file connected
>  together and have a perforation or groove for splitting the two pcbs. 
>  Placing correctly sized vias on a 2.54mm pitch for PCB interconnections on
>  both PCBs should allow me to use a  ribbon cable from another one of our
>  standard products.

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