Thanks everyone for all the suggestions.

I think I understand the basic problem I have with this design. Abdulrahman
said it best, as usual :) , with this;

>What you want here is one schematic and 2 PCBs.

This is because I am using the master sheet as a block diagram of the
electrical design, not the physical layout.

Someone recently posted a question to this list, asking weather a schematic
should represent the electrical or physical layout, I was of the firm
opinion - electrical, now I'm not so sure.

In the past this has been ok as each electrical 'block' or sheet was
associated closely with the physical layout (i.e. one sheet = one pcb).
However due to the distributed nature of the display in this particular
design it will not work (one sheet = two pcbs).

So, do I scrap the easy to interpret logical electrical layout in favour of
a physical one?

I'm still not sure. They both have their merits. Electrical layout with
annotations pointing to the physical layout is the easiest to use when
trying to understand the design, but physical layout would be easier to
generate the netlists for layout and thus manufacturing.

I'm having another look at the design to see If I can come to a better
compromise, perhaps by adding another sheet, for the distributed display
components, but then how do I represent this on the master sheet (if I stay
with schematic = electrical design) if the master sheet is only to be used
for generating the netlst for the other ccts? A rectangle object instead of
a sheet symbol for the display cct perhaps?

What I would really like is to be able to select a list of sheets to be
netlisted instead of all or only one. This has the potential to create more
problems than it would solve though (how could I be sure the whole design
was netlisted?).

I'm sure I'll sort something out.

Happy new year,


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