At 10:28 PM 1/15/2002 +0100, Soren Juel Andersen wrote:
>I want to sell my license, full Protel 99SE, 5100$ US

As I wrote previously, that's a good price.

Protel is the only major CAD software, as far as I know, which maintains a 
high resale value. Altium, I have been hearing, has been considering 
eliminating resellability. The effect of that is a likely devaluation of 
all of our licenses.

Existing licenses will be resellable, since that is in the license 
agreement, but what would happen with upgrades would be less than clear. 
Suppose I have a current license, worth $5K on the resale market. I upgrade 
to Phoenix for what I will assume will be $2K. -- I hope it will be less, 
but there have been noises from some Altium salespeople to the effect that 
it will be $2K.

Anyway, what is my actual cost to upgrade *if the upgraded license is no 
longer resellable*? I could cash out today for $5K. If I upgrade, I pay $2K 
plus I no longer have a resellable license. The cost to upgrade is 
therefore actually $7K. I am less than thrilled by this....

(The resale price of a 99SE license may drop a little if it is announced 
that the upgrade is $2K, but I'd still think it would bring $4500 or so.)

(Under the old system, the new, upgraded license would be resellable, 
probably for about $6K. So the actual cost to upgrade would be on the order 
of $1K.)

Protel could sever the new license from the old, thus allowing the old to 
be resold, but the resale price of older licenses is supported by their 
upgradability. Without that, the price would collapse rapidly.

I have some idea of the size of the resale market, though obviously Protel 
knows more. I'd assume that most license transfers are really internal 
transfers or transfers from the sale of the whole business, and would thus 
be allowed under what I expect would be the new system, if it is similar to 
the Accel PCAD system. Actual arms-length resales are quite few. But I've 
seen a Protel salesman complain about the money allegedly lost when a 
license is resold. I've written at length about why that is a very 
short-sighted view.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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