Thanks a bunch!  I will try.


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At 01:45 PM 1/19/2002 -0600, John Whittaker wrote:
>I can select a window where a 'nothing' exists, and even Zoom Selected
>works, it keeps zooming back to that area.  However, when I try to move the
>'nothing' the Protel status bar reports that I am moving '0' objects in
>dynamic reconnect mode. If I have this 'Nothing' selected and export to an
>ASCII database, How can I find this item using a spreadsheet?  Is there a
>certain column that's '1' when an entity is selected?

The Selection field would be "TRUE." Unfortunately, the programmers did not
include selection status in the spreadsheet export, along with a few other
fields, as I recall. There is no good reason for this oversight.

*However*, you *can* export only selected objects. This may not work with
these hidden primitives, however, as parts of the program do not seem to
recognise their existence.

Bottom line is what is in the database. If you write the database as ASCII,
(File/SaveAs/PCB ASCII file) and then export it, you can open it with a
text editor, and search for "SELECTION=TRUE".

The Protel ASCII database is self-documenting (which is why it can be a
*huge* file), but it can be very handy for dealing with obscure problems.
All Protel users should be aware that it is possible to directly edit the
ASCII database; naturally, one should always keep backups of the database
when attempting to edit it directly, because there can be subtle
interactions between data elements easily overlooked, and a slip of the
keys could make a database unloadable. But there is definitely no harm in
using a text editor to find a rogue primitive!!!

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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