Michael ,
Fact: Accel like PADs was close to filing for bankruptcy.  Shortly before
Protel purchased Accel , they laid off most of their engineering and
marketing  staff due to lack of sales when the rest of the CAE industry was
experiencing double digit growth.  Cadence help put some of the nails in
their coffin when they pulled the only router from resellers like  PADs
Accel and Mentor.   Mentor only survived because they had the resources to
purchase Veribest which came with  a router. Otherwise they had a 200K tool
without a router. That was a laugh.    I believe Veribest is now their
entire PCB suite.  It is pretty good.    You can not sell CAE tools without
a router.   I used PCAD and have labeled it  "Bitmapped Crayola" because the
graphics looks like DOS quality. I too used it for MCMs and Hybrids and we
couldn't even view a 4 x4 mil pad with the resolution that we could with
Protel. Protel was the first Program to support sub mil pads and traces with
out rounding off.   Accel 14 rounded everything off to .1 mil.    I could
objectively list over 100 deficiencies we found with the program, but my
time is short. I generated  a list and presented it to the Pres of Accel at
the time.  He didn't feel it was necessary to fix things that didn't work in
it.  Protel has responded to suggestions and bugs.   Most of the complaints
we hear on the forum are not bugs.    Sure we run into one once in a while
,but as Abdul has written, some of the bugs are so obscure that most users
would never run into them.
I would stack Protel against anything on the market.    Sure I don't have 3d
but who cares?  I think the real competition, Cadence should be shaking in
their boots when Protel release Phoenix, or whatever.    Any company that
has grown from 23M in sales to over 50 in two years should not be taken

My point of view
Hardcore User
Mike Reagan

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>       Was Accel so bad that they went out of business, or so good that
> Protel was so desperate for a useable package that they offered so much to
> buy them that they couldn't refuse?  I think the latter.
> Michael Watnoski
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> yea yea yea  Acel was so damn good they went out of business. Dont get my
> going slamming bit mapped crayola like Accel.

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