I heartily concur with Mr Watnoski regarding PCAD superior ease of use and
"niceness" and "sensibility". And no, I am not a newbie, I was a longtime
PCAD user (going back to MD 4.x, that's 1988 kids) and then PADS/DOS for a
couple of years, then more recently ACCEL/Tango v13 for about 3 years, now
Protel 99se for almost a year. 

I normally try to keep my mouth shut about how bad Protel sucks because
people get all bent out of shape as if I'm slamming their wife or mother or
something. Sure Protel is pretty eye candy, and to be fair, it tries very
hard to be a full featured system in monolithic package, but it only gets
credit IMO for the basics, and even a lot of that is quirky and fairly
non-intuitive. Protel feature sets I do like are single-key CAM generation
and print preview. The synchronizer works well most of the time. The
schematic editor is a real toy compared to Pcad. Wire rubberbanding is the
key to pcad ease of use I think. Protel library handling is really
intimidating but in the end isn't all that great because of the lack of
standardized field usage e.g. for simulation. Having user-defined and -named
attributes is SOOO much better. Protel simulation is very "lite" IMO.
Support for SPICE models is okay but I've gotten more useful results faster
out of simpler cheaper programs like EWB, as in 2 hours out of the box.
Signal integrity? Never could get it to work, it locked up my system on a
small 100-part design. Protel automated placement and routing (again IMO) is
94.2% useless. I place schematic symbols, add wiring, do placement, and
route--all manually.

My crystal ball says that Phoenix will include those PCAD niceties and more
like integrated libraries and perhaps even in-place library editing. I could
be wrong.

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> From: Watnoski, Michael [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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> Subject: Re: [PEDA] Accel vs. protel
> Hi All,
>       I will admit that I have had more experience with PCAD 
> than Protel.
> I have used PCAD for about 3 years and Protel for only abut 
> six months now.
>       It is the common things that Protel fails in that drive 
> me crazy.
> Things like having to readjust the wire after moving a 
> component.  Protel
> will keep the wires connected unless this option is turned 
> off.  PCAD allow
> a component to be dropped on a wire and it will split the 
> wire and connect
> each end to the pins.  Protel will short the component, so 
> the wire must be
> deleted first and two new wires drawn.  I also don't like 
> that Protel will
> delete all wires drawn in the same operation rather than just 
> the selected
> wire.  This list can continue on but I suspect part of this 
> is my preference
> due to having learned PCAD first.  YMMV
> Michael Watnoski
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> Subject: Re: [PEDA] Accel vs. protel
> At 09:59 AM 2/8/2002 -0500, Watnoski, Michael wrote:
> >         I regularly use both systems and I prefer PCAD.  I 
> only use Protel
> >because my day job insists that I use what they already paid 
> for.  I find
> >PCAD far more efficient and easier to learn.  I am able to 
> turn out jobs in
> >about a third of the time that Protel requires.  This makes 
> me far more
> >competitive in my contract work.
> My suspicion here is that Mr. Watnoski is not as skilled at 
> the use of 
> Protel as he is at the use of PCAD; he may well be trying to 
> use Protel in 
> a PCAD manner, and, definitely, that would be slow.
> What would be useful would be to compare specifics, what is 
> fast in one and 
> slow in the other, and are there ways to improve efficiency? 
> Since Mr. 
> Watnoski is forced to use Protel, perhaps he might learn 
> something which 
> would help him in his day job, and I might learn something that would 
> encourage me to dive into my PCAD license.

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