At 04:16 PM 2/8/2002 -0500, Darryl Newberry wrote:
>I see this thread won't die so I have to jump back in for a sec....
>I'm getting old but I swear that once upon a time saw a PCB guy with a
>vellum sheet with straight colored pencil lines drawn on it, being used as
>an overlay to show the from-tos. OK maybe it was in another galaxy far far
>away....or maybe it was in a dream.

All kinds of crazy things have been done by designers. As I mentioned, I 
think that red-blue was one of those. I seem to vaguely remember some story 
that red-blue was invented and promoted by the company that made the film.

As to a manually drawn ratsnest, had I been the CAD manager, I would have 
seriously considered firing that designer. It would take a *lot* of time to 
draw that overlay, time which could be much better spent actually getting 
the job done. The purpose of a ratsnest display is to help in placement, 
and it recalculates when one moves a part. Imagine doing a manual drawing 
and then "recalculating" the ratsnest upon moving a puppet!

Computers are good at that kind of thing, people not.

I did once do a drawing that might have been interpreted as being what Mr. 
Newberry described, but it only showed bus connections, an entire bus was 
represented as a single line. This was a board that had multiple buses 
running all over the place, and the drawing was essentially my reminder of 
what ICs belonged together. In that sense it functioned somewhat like a 
modern ratsnest display functions, it was an aid in a placement study.

>my brain would not stop and I actually ended up having recurring dreams
>where I was actively doing the lay out--in the dream!

You haven't earned your stripes as a professional PCB designer if this 
hasn't happened to you....

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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