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> It would be interesting to examine the ASCII database. I suspect that this
> error might not persist through ASCII export/import, but I haven't tried

In April 2001 I had some similar problems with a NO_NET track that was
'remembering' the previous netname.

In that situation the problem not even survived a 'Save' and 'File open'.
(See also the message from April which is included below)
I can not test it at the moment. If it is true then this will be a
workaround to get it correct after a global change.

The following text is a snip of the message which i did send to the forum at
April 2001.

I have seen a small problem, I will describe the steps to show the problem
and hope someone understands what I mean. (because my knowledge of the
english language has its limitations)

I was designing a pcb with a polygon. There are some open areas on the pcb
because I was using the 'remove dead copper' option.

When i place a track in such a 'dead copper region' and give it the the same
netname as the polygon, then Protel shows me a connection line because this
track is not connected to anything. Very good behaviour of Protel, so
continue to the next step.

If I edit the properties of this track to 'No Net' then the connection line
disappears. So far so good, everything still normal.

But now it comes, force a 'rebuild' of the polygon and see what happens. In
my situation the polygon wil fill the 'isolated area' with copper and
connects to the track. It seems that the polygon still is 'thinking' that
the trace has the same net.

Save and close the pcb file

Open the pcb file again.

Rebuild the polygon again. Now the polygon handles the trace correctly as a
'No Net' trace.

The reason that I discoverd this problem was because I wanted to block an
area for the polygon. After placing the polygon I saw that the polygon was
'leaking' between some tracks and this resulted in a useless, uggly looking,
piece of copper. I decided to place a 'layer specific keepout' track to
close the leak. In first instance this track had the same net as the polygon
because I was drawing it on top of the polygon. Then I changed the netname
of the track to 'No Net', checked the 'Keepout' mark and did a rebuild of
the polygon. The result was the described situation.


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