On 02:29 PM 12/02/2002 -0800, Brad Velander said:
><..snip..> Now changing the segment I had
>intentionally changed to net GND back to "NO Net", repour and the polygon
>does not respect that particular segment of layer specific keepout track. It
>pours visibly right over top of it, not just across it but cleared back from
>the line, it is solid right across the No Net layer specific keepout. Again
>I had to replace that keepout segment with a virgin keepout segment or copy
>one of the other unmarred keepout segments.
>Brad Velander.

It is a bug.

I wonder how long it will take for the much vaunted ATS to provide the 
fix.  If ATS is for anything presumably it is to provide bug fixes.  So 
lets see how long we wait for this to be fixed...or is the stated fix going 
to be "pay for the upgrade to get the bug fix".

My betting is there will be no further service packs for P99SE and the best 
we can hope for is that the new release will fix issues like this 
one.  When the beta program starts (if it hasn't already) it seems to me a 
useful step will be the testers going through the know bugs and seeing if 
they persist. If they do then report them.  If enough people report the 
same bugs some of them may get addressed.

I guess I could help this by going and updating the bug database.  I will 
try to get the last 6 months worth of bug discussions onto the database 
soon.  To this end I will be looking for some assistance in trolling back 
through the forum to find bugs that have been discussed but not yet added 
to the database.  If you reported a bug in the last six months can you send 
me a reminder please and a brief summary and if possible details of any 
independent confirmation of the bug - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Ian Wilson

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