I wonder if you have tried to use the update schematic command. If you did
this the software will create an .SYN file. This file should keep a record
of the designator changes and update the schematic with those changes. I
have not done this, but I have done it in reverse, from the schematic to the
pcb. I think it is important to use the update sch or update pcb command
only if the software recognizes all nets are matched (same names). Sometimes
reloading netlists changes net names. As long as all the net names match the
net names of the schematic and the retlist is identical, then I believe
update sch command will work. Try it first on a backup copy of your
schematic, before trying it on your one and only schematic, just in case
something goes wrong. It would take a lot of pain staking work to correct
the document once the designators have been messed up. 

Good Luck,
Daniel Webster
Northern Airborne Technology
Kelowna, BC, Canada

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Hi, Everybody,

I have a schematic and a PCB. They are pretty matching except the
designators. This is caused by manually layout of the PCB. There are
several repeated and similar zones in PCB, so I just do copy the first
routed zone to other places. 

I compared the 2 netlist files (one generated from PCB, the other from
schematic) they are matching.

The problem is how can I modify the designators in schematics so that
the schematic could be the identical to the PCB. There are 500 parts
involved, so I don't want to do it manually.

Any suggestions?


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