At 06:43 PM 2/15/2002 -0500, Jun Gong wrote:

>I have a schematic and a PCB. They are pretty matching except the
>designators. This is caused by manually layout of the PCB. There are
>several repeated and similar zones in PCB, so I just do copy the first
>routed zone to other places.
>I compared the 2 netlist files (one generated from PCB, the other from
>schematic) they are matching.
>The problem is how can I modify the designators in schematics so that
>the schematic could be the identical to the PCB. There are 500 parts
>involved, so I don't want to do it manually.

As Mr. Harm noted, the problem here is the classic repeat section problem, 
and the synchronizer cannot handle that. At least not yet.

It is much easier to deal with this from the beginning, by numbering the 
designators on the schematic or schematic section being repeated in a way 
that will make it easy to change later. For example, resistors might be 
numbered RX00 ... RX07 if there were eight of them. Then, when the 
schematic is multiplied, the Xs can be globally edited page-wise or 
selection-wise to 1, 2 ... n using {X=n} in the copy attributes. In case 
you can't read it, those are curly brackets, not parentheses.

The PCBs would be laid out from the original, unedited sheet, with the Xs 
in the reference designators. Once one section is complete and checked 
thoroughly, it can be copied, and each time it is copied, it will be 
selected when pasted, and the parts can be, again, globally edited 
selection-wise to the desired final numbers.

One note on PCBs with large blocks (as well as on schematics with many 
repeat sections): get them right and complete before you copy them, 
including final placement of reference designators. It is *much* easier to 
fix problems before multiplying up the sections.

In the PCB editors, while the sections are being copied, copied track and 
vias will not have the correct net attributes. Though one can remedy this 
by the commands (or the synchronizer option) that assigns nets to connected 
copper, I generally copy parts only, first, then get the correct net 
assignments from schematic synchronization, *then* I copy track and vias, 
which will automatically inherit the correct nets, if I recall correctly.

There are other ways to accomplish this task, perhaps others will give some.

As to the situation of our inquirer, one way to recover is to delete the 
components in the repeat sections (If there is any custom wiring within 
sections, I'd leave the track and vias on the PCB), and, essentially do 
what I mentioned. It won't take all that long if the sections were laid out 
identically. If they are not identical, still, the renumbering problem can 
be reduced to one of moving each part into its new position to match the 
layout. In this case I might leave the original parts in position until 
after I've placed the correct ones.

Note that one can automatically annotate Schematic parts in numerical 
ranges, using the Advanced Options tab on the Annotate tool.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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