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>Does anybody know how I can import four different footprints in one 
>schematic component?  As far as I know, it is only possible to import one 
>footprint in the schematic.
>Posted from Association web site by: Jan Lambrecht

It's not exactly clear to what Mr. Lambrecht wants to do. So I'll just make 
some comments on footprints.

In the schematic library editor, up to four footprints may be assigned to 
each part, under the Description button in the Panel. These footprints will 
be available in the part edit dialog. The actual footprint used on the 
board will be the one chosen, or it may be some other footprint manually 
entered or otherwise changed.

To make the four footprints available for a part, press the Update 
Schematics button in the panel. This will update parts used on currently 
open schematics. (It *may* be necessary to save the library file before 
pressing this button, I haven't checked lately.)

If footprints are edited in the PCB, the footprint field in the Schematic 
may be overwritten with the value used on the PCB if the 
Design/UpdateSchematic process is followed.

So designers who like to assign footprints at the PCB level, take note: you 
can do this and still end up with correct footprint assignments in the 
schematic. (Common practice has been to leave the schematics without 
correct footprint assignments, which then makes it impossible to use the 
synchronizer to make footprint changes, since many footprints are incorrect 
and it would be a pain to go through and delete the macros one does not 
want to execute.

(By the way, I *always* preview updates unless I have been going back and 
forth frequently and I am very confident that only what I want changed is 
being changed. Even then it might be a bad idea to skip the preview.)

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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