While watching the system monitor, try stopping all servers (except the pcb
server) one at a time to see if they are chewing up any processor time.  Do
this by going to the Protel system menu (big grey down pointing arrow on far
left side of menu bar) and selecting Servers...
Right click in the window of the dialog that pops up and select View >>
Details.  This will show all the installed servers and which ones are currently
running.  Right click on the server name (left side) and select "Stop" to stop
that server.

If stopping the AutoSave server fixes the problem, check its settings in the
Protel system preferences menu (grey arrow >> Preferences, Auto-Save Settings
button).  A low time interval or a network save location could be the cause of
the problem.

If only the pcb server is running and you are still getting 100% CPU times,
then it may be due to a background "Robot" process in the pcb server.  The
Robots do background tasks such as keeping track of connectivity, online DRC,
etc.  These can be affected by the design file as well as the Protel
configuration files.  Try changing design files (empty or Protel sample file)
to see if that alters the behavior.  If not, try a clean install of Protel to
see if it is a configuration file problem (see previous post).

John Williams

Bob Jones wrote:

> Hi all,
> I hope I'm not bothering everyone with the same problem for too long here,
> but I may be getting closer to a solution to my performance problem. While
> looking at the SYSTEM MONITOR I noticed that my slow computer is showing a
> processor usage of 100%  all the time. I've closed everything I can and it
> still shows 100%. The other faster computer has this fluctuating between 7%
> and 31% with a minimal of things running.
> I'm disconnected from the network, and there is no virus software running.
> Does this give anyone ideas?
> I haven't been able to look into today's posts for answers but thought I'd
> throw this out there.

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