At 04:59 PM 2/18/2002 -0500, Bob Jones wrote:
>I hope I'm not bothering everyone with the same problem for too long here,
>but I may be getting closer to a solution to my performance problem. While
>looking at the SYSTEM MONITOR I noticed that my slow computer is showing a
>processor usage of 100%  all the time. I've closed everything I can and it
>still shows 100%. The other faster computer has this fluctuating between 7%
>and 31% with a minimal of things running.
>I'm disconnected from the network, and there is no virus software running.
>Does this give anyone ideas?

First of all, is it only doing this when Protel is open?

What programs are running? (Hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get the Task Manager or 
I forget what it is called in W98, exercise caution).

I believe it was mentioned that this computer is a server. It may be trying 
to do something over the network, and pulling the network plug could have 
no effect. But you should be able to see something in the list of running 
programs. Don't try this when you have work open, but you could try ending 
one of the programs at a time through the Task Manager, while you watch the 
system monitor. Ending some programs might crash your system, as I recall, 
I can't tell you which ones off the top of my head. But the worst thing 
that will happen -- assuming you have no important work open -- is that you 
will need to reset the system.

Protel may run very slowly when the system is at 100% CPU usage, so the 
problem has been reduced to finding out what is using so much CPU time.

I just loaded a reasonably large Protel file while watching the CPU usage 
from the W2000 Task Manager performance tab. It hit 100% but only for a moment.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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