On 04:59 PM 18/02/2002 -0500, Bob Jones said:
>Hi all,
>I hope I'm not bothering everyone with the same problem for too long here,
>but I may be getting closer to a solution to my performance problem. While
>looking at the SYSTEM MONITOR I noticed that my slow computer is showing a
>processor usage of 100%  all the time. I've closed everything I can and it
>still shows 100%. The other faster computer has this fluctuating between 7%
>and 31% with a minimal of things running.
>I'm disconnected from the network, and there is no virus software running.
>Does this give anyone ideas?
>I haven't been able to look into today's posts for answers but thought I'd
>throw this out there.

Is Protel running? And have you mentioned which Protel service pack you are 
running?  The floating license method that Protel was using used to cause 
100% processor usage but at low priority.  So even though the processor was 
running at 100% the responsiveness of the machine was not drastically 
affected.  This was changed in one of the later service packs (SP5 or SP6?).

If Protel is not running, maybe test this after a clean boot, then I would 
certainly investigate more.

I have had McAfee antivirus stuff lockup taking 99% of CPU time (under 
Win2k and NT you can see which process is using what) but this is quite 
noticeable as the whole machine basically slows to a crawl.

I have been watching this thread and my thoughts come back to the network 
and the possibility your network is not working well.  What network clients 
have you got setup (TCP/IP only, NetBEUI and TCP/IP ?)  Is this the same 
for both machines?  Which protocol is set to the default (and is it the 
same on both machines).  To reduce DNS queries with TCP have you got the 
lmhosts and/or hosts files setup?  This is an area I am no expert in but I 
know my small network now works *much* better since I sorted out the 
defaults and the lmhosts and hosts files - one day I may even read a little 
to figure out what I did.

But, simply removing the network connection may make things worse or not 
make any difference.  I have seen pauses in the responsiveness of Win 98 
due to an adapter not being configured well and unplugged from the 
network.  The system was still making some sort of request to the network 
adapter that then stole CPU cycles until it timed out in some 
fashion.  This was some time ago so don't push too hard for the details - 
and I can't even say if it affected Protel at all.

I think you have got major configuration issues or there is something about 
your work practices that are triggering some odd behavior.  I remember 
Jason Morgan having similar problems - hugely long delays when moving 
components and component text.  But it is something most of us are not 
seeing. I get the feeling that we are sniffing around the edges of a fairly 
significant bug or series of interactions that cause Protel to run really 
slowly - it would be great to get to the bottom of it.

Ian Wilson

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