Geoff, my experience with mirroring layouts (now several years in the past)
was so disasterous that I gave it up. Connectivity of all copper objects
became completely unreliable, not to say trash.

Can 99SE/SP6 in fact mirror layouts and retain connectivity? Or are you
referring to mirroring as an aid to viewing overlays and the like on a
board, while modifying and later using the "true" layout?


>There is another possibility, but due care needs to be exercised if using
>it. That possibility is to select *everything* in the PCB file, and then
>mirror this about a vertical axis or horizontal axis.
>Since the release of SP6 (for Protel 99 SE), you will be presented with a
>warning box if the items about to be mirrored include components, because
>producing Gerber files from mirrored components will result in PCBs that
>can't have "real world" components installed on them. As such, if you do go
>for this option, you will then need to re-mirror everything again (and
>before producing Gerber files). (And when you do re-mirror everything again,
>the same warning box will be re-invoked; Protel is not "conscious" of
>whether components are currently in a mirrored state or not, because (unlike
>String objects) Component objects do *not* (currently) incorporate a
>Mirrored field (something which I am hoping will be rectified in Phoenix
>If you add any new components to the PCB file while this is in a mirrored
>state, you should then mirror such components as well (to match the
>currently mirrored state of previously placed components, while keeping in
>mind that the second mirroring of the PCB file will *toggle* the
>(non-Protel-registered) mirrored status of *all* components within the PCB
>file at that time).  That consideration is one example of why you need to be
>careful if you run with this procedure.
>Other aspects of going with this procedure is that Coordinate and Dimension
>objects do *not* "mirror" properly (and that indeed is also a problematic
>aspect with the alternative concept of "inverting" PCBs). However, as a PCB
>file has to be re-mirrored again at a later stage (to restore all components
>to an un-mirrored state), the associated problems are of a temporary nature
>(but re-check the locations and properties of any Coordinate objects
>following the second mirroring).

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