At 07:22 PM 2/27/2002 +0000, Steve Wiseman wrote:
>On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Mike Reagan wrote:
> > Yes you can select "no net" traces, vias and object gloabaly
>It doesn't seem to work, though... at best, I get all the features that
>were on the same net, or maybe that are touching... Other "no net"
>features aren't matched - I'm confused.

Here is what Mr. Reagan was talking about. Double-click on a no-net track 
that is, say, on the top layer. If you don't have a no-net, just put a 
piece of top layer track down, it will automatically be no-net unless it 
touches a real net.

Press the Global button. Under Attributes to Match By, select "same." Under 
layer, you might want to select "same" as well. Click on the Selection box, 
then click on okay. All top layer no-net track will be selected.

You could leave out the "top layer" match, but then all no-net track, 
including track on mechanical layers, etc., will be selected. If you object 
was to delete no-net track, you would not want that, so you would need to 
unselect it. Instead, selecting track one layer at a time is reasonably easy.

The Query Manager has some problems, it appears, or else it might have been 
useful for selecting all no-net copper track.

Right now, we can choose between All Primitives and All FREE Primitives in 
the Global match characteristics. I have two comments about this:

(1) It would be useful to have "All Free Copper" as one of these match 

(2) When we are editing a component, the default should be "all primitives" 
or a new choice : "component primitives." This would have saved me 
thousands of keystrokes if it had been there from the beginning. They got 
it right with the REFDES and COMMENT fields, when they are edited 
individually, but for some reason Protel did not apply the same logic to 
the component dialog. Instead the default for globally editing components 
is "all FREE primitives," which we *never* want.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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