At 02:10 PM 2/28/2002 +0000, Steve Wiseman wrote:

>On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:
>ress the Global button. Under Attributes to Match By, select "same." Under
> > layer, you might want to select "same" as well. Click on the Selection box,
> > then click on okay. All top layer no-net track will be selected.
>Nope. Really, no. It doesn't. It selects the connected copper, _not_ all
>no-net tracks. (or it might be remembering a net-name from ages ago, or
>almost anything. What it doesn't do is what it should...).

I tested what I wrote before mailing it. I can only think of these 
possibilities: (1) Mr. Wiseman does not understand what was written and is 
therefore referring to some other command sequence, (2) his memory is 
simply faulty and he has not verified what he is claiming, (3) there is a 
bug which is not understood, or (4) his installation of Protel is damaged.

>I wonder if features which were originally on a net but have had their
>connectivity removed, behave differently to brand new no-net features...
>(just checked - this would appear to be the case. Features which used to
>be on nets, but which now aren't, as a result of deleting the parts they
>were attached to, and updating the PCB with "assign net to connected
>copper" ticked, don't fall properly back to no-net, and therefore don't
>get globaled properly. I now think this is a bug, rather than my

I did not test the processes by which copper may become "No-Net." Rather, I 
tested the behavior of global edit in selecting all no-net copper based on 
an edit of a single piece of it. It worked.

Does Update Free Primitives from Component Pads remove nets from free 
unconnected primitives? I tested it with vias and track and they became 
no-net upon running the command.

I took an old test pcb which had an 0805 footprint on it with both pads 
assigned to GND. I placed track to connect the pads, then I moved the part 
away so that the track was floating. Running Update left the track No-Net.

Thinking that perhaps there would be a different if the PCB has been saved 
and reloaded, I tried that. No change in behavior. I deleted the part 
instead of moving it. The track still became No-Net upon Update.

At this point, I'd ask Mr. Wiseman to describe more exactly the behavior he 
thinks is a bug, because I could not reproduce it based on the partial 
description he has given.

> > You could leave out the "top layer" match, but then all no-net track,
> > including track on mechanical layers, etc., will be selected. If you object
> > was to delete no-net track, you would not want that, so you would need to
> > unselect it. Instead, selecting track one layer at a time is reasonably 
> easy.
>What you say is true, except that selecting on "no net" doesn't select all
>no-net tracks / features.

What it selects depends on other match characteristics, but what Mr. 
Wiseman reports here does not match my experience. However, I have not 
tested all varieties of primitives, only track and vias.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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