You'll generally find that the flat screen trinitrons being sold today 
are going to give you about the best image available. Newer CRT 
technology is a significant improvement to the older 21 inchers.

As an asside, someone in my lab recently got a sony SDM-M81 LCD monitor. 
It has a 1280x1024 resolution and excellent viewability (i.e., it's 
really easy on your eyes). When properly adjusted, it is the crispest 
image you'll ever get and it doesn't suffer from view angle color 
distortion like some older model LCDs. Unless you get the digital model, 
it runs for about $700 ( Check the web because there is a competitor 
that has the same product without the digital interface for this price). 
I know there is a larger screen format out there that is 1600x1200 and I 
imagine it costs more. BTW, I did a comparison of digital video to 
analog for this monitor and could not tell the difference. Maybe at 
higher resolutions it makes a difference, but certainly not at 1280x1024.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Hope it helps.

Bryn Wolfe

Robison Michael R CNIN wrote:

>i'm using a 4-year-old ilyama 21 inch crt monitor now, and 
>thats a pretty big monitor, but its less than 20 inches
>actually, and its just not enough for me.  in order to drag
>parts around on the pcb, i need to zoom out to find them
>(i'm aware of the edit/jump feature, but its awkward to use
>when everything isn't in view), and in order to keep from
>zooming out to where i lose scope on part numbers, i have to
>run at 1600x1200.  this is fine as long as i don't have to
>look at the bottom of the window to see some node information,
>or minimize the screen and read my email.  then the text is
>simply too small for my old eyes.
>i have the go-ahead to buy anything that costs less (total,
>including shipping) than $2500US.  
>can anyone recommend a good flatscreen or crt?
>thank you, miker 

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