At 03:11 PM 4/1/2002 -0800, Dennis Saputelli wrote:
>i am reasonable certain that my mysterious pad jump happened right after
>and as a possible consequence of a File Save As

It would be rather surprising if that was not merely a coincidence. File 
Save As does not have any effect on the file itself, which remains in 
memory unchanged. Exceptions would be the edit flag, which is cleared, 
i.e., Protel knows that the file has been saved since it was last edited, 
and the file name, which is changed to the new name as the file is saved 
under that.

It would be pretty hard to get this one wrong. But I suppose stranger 
things have happened.

I'm not convinced that I have seen sufficient confirmation of this bug 
report to consider it verified. There simply is no coherence of conditions 
as yet. What we have is a report, confirmed by some, that they have seen 
pad footprints move; I don't think that any have reported that this was at 
all frequent.

Since pad footprints can move by a number of normal processes, plus they 
could move from database corruption from any of many different possible 
causes, I would want to see either (1) many confirmations, or (2) 
confirmation with some similarity in the conditions under which the pad 
jump was observed.

Mr. Saputelli has sworn up and down that he didn't do any of the things 
that would normally cause supposedly locked footprint pads to move, but he 
can't possibly know that his computer did not suffer the alteration of a 
bit, perhaps by a cosmic ray....

I'm *not* saying that it is unlikely that such a bug exists. I don't think 
Save As is likely to be related, but there are plenty of other things that 
could go wrong.

If any of our readers observe pad jump, i.e., you are sure that you did not 
unlock the primitives of a component and that you did not edit the 
coordinates, perhaps thinking you were editing a track width, by all means, 
report it here, together with a description of what you were doing at the 
time; also the X,Y magnitude of the jump would be interesting. You should 
be able to determine the exact change in X and Y coordinates by noting the 
new coordinates, then replacing the component from its library....

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