I think a Select-Component process would be helpful, as this is usually
where I happen to want to select a component (sometimes for a move, but
not always) on one side of the board with a ref des right on top of it
on the other side of the board. Protel seems to always select the ref
des as opposed to giving you a choice box or the component. I am not
sure if this related to the layer drawing sequence or not, but I always
seem to have bottom layer silkscreen display on the top of top layer

Respecting your last paragraph, and the "strange sequence", I would
concur, and I wonder if one of those "strange sequences" could not be
after terminating early some process such as a design rules check,
analyzing GND, redraw of a polygon, etc..

Something tells me that during or after some abnormal sequence or
termination that the move-pad or drag-pad is allowed to function where
it otherwise would not be allowed.

JaMi Smith

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You can restrict actions to certain entity types - so if you are moving 
designators you can set up a Move-String command (see the Move Process 
reference) - this dramatically helps in dense designs.  The same is 
possible with pads, components, tracks etc.  So if you are doing a lot
stuff on the same entity type setting up (or using the default commands)

that restrict actions to specific entity types is often useful.

As a check, I just tried to see if I could get a component primitive to 
move with the PCB:MoveObject|Object=Pad process and parameter.  No go,
pad stayed fixed to the component.  The only method I knew of moving a
of a component with locked primitives is to edit the pads XY coords.

Now I know another - some strange sequence of operations may cause it
moving/rotating a selection - at least that is what is seeming likely to
from Brad and Dennis's reports.

Bye for now,
Ian Wilson

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