What they want is a "Drill Drawing" with the drill table.  It allows them 
to do a visual verification on the size and location of holes when they set 
up their CNC drill machine.

Protel generates the drawing automatically on the "Drill Drawing" layer if 
you include the layer as one of your Gerber output files.  If you add the 
special string ".Legend" on the "Drill Drawing" layer, a table will be 
created that assigns a symbol, letter, or drill notation to each drill 
size.  The symbol, letter, or notation will be placed on the "Drill 
Drawing" at the location of each hole.  You pick which of the types of hole 
ID you want to appear when you set up the Gerber output; you can also 
choose the size for the symbol, letter, etc.  Be aware that, if you choose 
symbol, you are limited to 16 hole sizes.  Letter is limited by the 
alphabet, and notation places the actual drill size at the hole location.

Normally, you also would manually place other special instructions on the 
"Drill Drawing" - such as: countersink dimensions, slots, any restrictive 
tolerances, special stackup instructions, etc.

There is some limited information in the Protel help file under "drill", 
and there are examples on the web if you do a search using Google or other 

At 03:56 PM 5/16/02 -0500, you wrote:

>now they are asking for a "fab print", supposedly because
>of the high dollar figure of my order.  they said it was
>a drawing locating the drill holes.  does protel generate
>this for me?  all i do is run thru normal gerber and NC
>drill in the wizard, and evidently i'm not generating it
>for them.

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