Abd ul-Rahman,
        you have very clearly defined something which is sufficient to cover
not doing fab drawings for some people. However, is that board always going
to be done at the one fab shop? ARe you always going to be the person
looking after the company's PCB requirements? Is it never going to
production? Production volumes will bring their own issues and problems to
light over previous prototype runs. In today's market, that closely aligned
fab shop is just as likely at times to sub-contract out your job to an
allied shop should they get busy or your volumes increase slightly.
        Another issue may be familiar to many smaller companies as well.
Contract manufacturing? How does your contract manufacturer know and
understand the design intent of your PCB fabrication and pass this knowledge
along to whomever they use for fabrication.
        I am not saying that fab drawings are a end-all situation, it is
wise insurance against unwanted problems. I typically develop fab drawings
during our development process, somewhere between our 1st and 3rd run of
prototypes I will generate the fab drawing when time allows. After the
initial drawing is created it is very very minor to change and update it
during future revisions. Thus I too send out boards (early prototypes only
though) with only the Protel fab files and an extensive readme for
requirements & acceptance criteria. I would never dream of releasing
something to production without a fab drawing.

        I guess at both ends of the spectrum we can all get rather
evangelistic about some of our views. I know that I can and do take a few
shots at you (Abd ul-Rahman) now and then. I hope that you are not overly
offended, I know I feel that your remarks may be directly critical of my
comments at times.

Brad Velander.

Lead PCB Designer
Norsat International Inc.
Microwave Products
Tel   (604) 292-9089 (direct line)
Fax  (604) 292-9010

Visit us at Booth 2G2-09 at CommunicAsia 2002 in Singapore June 18-21.

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> Reading carefullly, I'll agree with Brad. But what he wrote could be 
> misinterpreted. Not all environments require fab drawings. A small 
> engineering firm might have a relationship of trust with a 
> fabricator who 
> routinely does boards according to the fabricator's standard 
> production. 
> This is, in fact, quite common. Formal fab drawings take time 
> to make, 
> which means they cost money and a little time-to-market, perhaps. 
> Obviously, if one is going to various vendors and trying to 
> get the same 
> product each time, one needs formal specifications.

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